About Me


 Welcome to my longarm quilting studio! My name is Teresa and I am the "T" at Quilts2aT. I have always loved to create and work with fabric and thread.  I started my quilting journey before rotary cutters and machine quilting. Everything was done by hand. I have to admit, at one time I believed that if it wasn't hand quilted it wasn't a "real" quilt. Well, all that changed about 12 years ago and  I moved to the other side.... actually I jumped in with a passion! I spent a few years quilting on a domestic machine and then purchased my first Longarm Quilting Machine. I now have two professional quilting machines in the studio.  I have been quilting for the public for 10+  years and I love what I do! I love helping my clients finish their projects.  Every quilt is special and deserves to be treated with respect and care. I want to help you create tomorrow's heirlooms today! .


Edge to Edge Machine Quilting


The Best Quilt is a Finished Quilt