Price Guide

I have numerous designs of different styles and densities priced on a tiered structure. I can help you pick a pattern suitable for your budget and quilt style.

$.0150 per square inch
Limited simple designs
$.0175 per square inch
Patterns are simple/light density.
$.02 per square inch
Patterns are more complex and dense.
Over the top
Need I say more!

Custom Quilting

Custom Heirloom quilting is only available on collaborative projects at this time

T-Shirts Quilts

Custom made quilts from your t-shirts. Please call for more info.


Thread charges usually run between $5 and $10 depending on the density of the quilting design and the type of thread chosen.  Specially thread may incur extra charges. I use the same thread for both the top and bottom. This gives me a better stitch and helps insure the quilt will not have "pokies". Please keep this in mind when planning your backing fabric.


I stock a complete line of Quilter's Dream Batting and also Hobbs 80/20. I supply it at competitive prices for your convenience. I charge by the inch to insure you don't have to purchase more than you need. You may supply your own, but I do reserve the right to refuse inferior batting that is not suitable for longarm quilting.

Additional Charges     include any repairs, pressing, squaring the back, etc.. and will be quoted per quilt if needed

Minimum Quilting Charge     $50.00

Prices are subject to change.

Call or email for a consultation today. I am available by appointment only.


professional machine quilting

Longarm quilting on Professional Innova Quilting Machine